The network inventory software rxInventory assists administrators and managers in the design, tuning and upgrading of the whole network infrastructure. The product distinguishes itself by its reliable acquisition of data and extensive reporting, which is also suited for uncovering hidden costs.
rxInventory is free for 20 clients and can be downloaded from Updates and technical support are also provided at no charge.

Network analysis brought to a new level: rxInventory

rxInventory is immediately ready for use after running the setup, since no additional software has to be installed on the devices to be inventoried. After the scan of the network, one gets a quick summary of the IT assets in the company. To accomplish this, all inventory data is stored in a database and can be evaluated at any time without putting load on the network. Numerous predefined reports list detailed information on workstations, notebooks, servers and other network devices. Furthermore, user defined queries assist in tracing legacy or unused hardware and software. Inventory data gets not merely overwritten by new network scans, but hardware and software changes are recorded in a journal and are available for inspection even after years. An especially high value was set on an easy and clearly structured user interface to avoid lengthy familiarization or even dedicated training on the software. The user will be able to arrange inventory data with user defined properties after a short time and customize or extend the network scanner to their own needs.

A lot of companies do not put enough attention on keeping track of assets in their network. As a consequence, licenses are purchased for software which is never or only rarely used. The unsupervised installation of distinct software packages leads to under-licensing with potentially undesirable consequences. The use of outdated hardware and software reduces the efficiency and motivation of the employees. In addition, notification on the expiration of maintenance and warranty is missing frequently. Considerable costs are emerging for companies from neglecting to monitor such and other aspects of their networks.
Especially in time of economic crisis rxInventory can assist in lowering the expenses considerably. The field of application ranges from using it as a free tool in small companies to employing it as the underlying base of configuration management.

Economically priced and fair!

rxInventory is available from by now. The price per client depends on the quantity ordered and ranges from EUR 5.00 to EUR 2.50. Already existing licenses are accounted for when adding on to them. Update and technical support and a license for 20 clients are free.