Update: Version 3.10 (Build 3)

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rxInventory 3.10

Update: Version 3.10 (Build 3) rxInventory 3.10 (Build 3) avoids several limitations of remote interfaces by using a new scanning method. In addition to performance improvements and reduced bandwidth requirements, previously undetectable information such as Windows...

Update: Version 3.8 (Build 9)

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rxInventory 3.8

Update: Version 3.8 (Build 9) rxInventory 3.8 now allows to thin out historical data to improve performance and reduce the amount of data. For better overview and security new views provide local users and groups - e.g. to clarify local administrators. The...

Update: Version 3.7 (Build 25)

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rxInventory 3.7

Update: Version 3.7 (Build 25) „Improvement and revision of all parts of the program“, this is the principle of the current rxInventory update to version 3.7. Especially in the field of data retrieval it has succeeded. Many users may look forward to the new option of...

Update: Version 3.6 (Build 5)

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rxInventory 3.6

Update: Version 3.6 (Build 5) rxInventory 3.6 particularly complements the license management with useful features. Licensed products can be grouped into folders and license packs can be expanded by custom fields. Furthermore it is now possible to assign file imports...

Update: Version 3.5 (Build 8)

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rxInventory 3.5

Update: Version 3.5 (Build 8) With rxInventory 3.5 the comprehensive inventory becomes an integral part. Grouping the assets by any property like location, department or cost center are a breeze now thanks to configurable report trees. From each group all known report...

Update: Version 3.0 (Build 8)

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rxInventory 3.0

Update: Version 3.0 (Build 8) The 3.0 release of rxInventory adds new features for analysis and management of software assets. In a constantly changing IT environment, it is difficult to keep track of used and currently unused software licenses. A realistic needs...

Update: Version 2.6 (Build 1)

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rxInventory 2.6

Update: Version 2.6 (Build 1) The rxInventory 2.6 release contains several new features which help organizing the assets in the database more clearly. New asset classes can be defined and devices freely assigned to them. Custom icons can also be set for the new device...

Update: Version 2.5 (Build 4)

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rxInventory 2.5

Update: Version 2.5 (Build 4) The rxInventory 2.5 update contains numerous improvements as well as interesting new features for our hardware- and software inventory tool designed for networks of all sizes. From now on Linux and Apple Mac computers are scanned in...

The agent-free hardware and software inventory tool for networks of any size.

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Rubinox Proudly Announces the Release of rxInventory 2.1

The agent-free hardware and software inventory tool for networks of any size. The network inventory software rxInventory assists administrators and managers in the design, tuning and upgrading of the whole network infrastructure. The product distinguishes itself by...