rxInventory 3.6 particularly complements the license management with useful features. Licensed products can be grouped into folders and license packs can be expanded by custom fields. Furthermore it is now possible to assign file imports and links to licensed products and devices. Besides several small enhancements a script function was added that allows to access the computer object of the device in Active Directory. Users of older versions are recommended to install the update.


Changes to the hardware and software inventory program rxInventory 3.6

Note: When starting rxInventory 3.6 for the first time, the database is changed in a way which is not compatible with older versions of rxInventory. In case of multiple installations accessing the same database, all instances have to be upgraded.


  • Licensed products can now be organized in folders
  • On license packs additional custom fields can be edited now
  • Documents and links can be attached to devices and licensed products
  • Added script function which provides access to the computer object in the Active Directory
  • A lot of minor improvements and fixes